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 Susan Frink Anderson's new book: M U R T U R E
         (Awaken Your New Creature of Well - Being to Mature Through Holy Nurture)


Comments from the Author regarding Spiritual Awareness 



This is a book about RAISING AWARENESS of the human condition- the way all humans are influenced by the external environment and how “that influence” influences how they think and behave. It is both personal to each person who will read the book in the way it is used and collective in that it can be used for group discussions. We are all a product of human rejection and fears of abandonment that shapes how we see others and ourselves. Our inner self is in need of introspection and reflection so we will wake up and operate from a more authentic self that is loved unconditionally.  

Through the process of MURTURE which means digging deep inside into your inner being to shine light and truth of who your real spirit is and reflect on what happened as you lost innocence and connection to your sweet spirit. Little by little the process of dying to a false self and opening up (becoming vulnerable again) your whole adult self to mature through nurture and perfect love that only comes from Higher Power. It is recognizing there is a Higher Power than you that loves you and wants to connect with you personally but you must seek it or you cannot know what (who) you do not know. Knowledge is not enough to know. It requires a personal relationship with a Higher Being that is all knowing and all loving.

 Once you begin to allow awakening to conscious contact with this Higher form of love, it changes how you feel about yourself and others. Your heart is opened to more compassion as you are shown love. The false self which is mostly made up of ego protections and defenses begins to fall away and a new creature wakes up right inside you that is highly spiritual and made in the true image you were created from.

 Changes begin to form in your thought life and you are aware of the violence and ugly ways of the human condition. At first, it is very painful to feel and look at which is why most humans avoid it and live just “going through the motions” without true emotion. Emotion give out of unconditional love gives hope and offers trust to believe in REAL change of self and others.

 Becoming a true believer is to follow the teachings of peace and harmony for all. Humans cannot figure this out when left to their own understanding. The double mind and the parts of us that are wounded and untreated limit us. Once those limitations of rejection and fear of abandonment begin to heal, a whole self begins to integrate and operate holistically (mind, body and spirit combined).




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