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Comments from the Author regarding Spiritual Maturity 

Murture is about Spiritual Maturity-how to take STEPS that will lead into the practice of growing up again with true thoughts and beliefs that lead to great love for God, self and others. Many people profess to be religious but have no spiritual fruit to go along with their claims. They have a form of spirituality but do not know the God of Love. Therefore, they have relationship issues just like everyone. They have behaviors they cannot get free from and their thinking is often as disordered and disorganized as anyone. The spiritual life is about growing and maturing as your spirit grows into a more loving and higher evolved being through the process of knowing God personally.

 Basic vocabulary words of true believers of the faith in God KNOW God as they:

1. Believe, 2. Receive, 3.Conceive, 4. Perceive, and 5. Achieve. These words are not necessarily in order all the time but a person does have to connect believing and receiving from spiritual messaging or there is no intimacy with God. You can believe year after year but if you have no relationship (inner place of intimacy) with the Holy Spirit, you have no receiver to integrate and connect to higher frequencies. Like any communication that is connected, you have to be listening with ears to hear and an open heart and mind. This requires conception and perception that is not just done in human ways. God speaks in multiple ways and shows or reveals truths that would be impossible to perceive or conceive of if you were not paying close attention through watching and listening. Of course, we will achieve higher understanding of God and His love as we continue to depend on believing and receiving from a whole new creature that is consistently mature.

 Our core spiritual essence is innocent and pure but very infantile and needs to be raised up and fed with unconditional love that is perfect and pure. It contains no fear or other contaminants of negativity like guilt, duty and shame. All humans were raised under conditions of less than perfect love and in a dual mindset. This makes them think in split or fractured ways. The brain is set to default settings and things that confuse will only be understood in limited ways of right and wrong, good and bad, this or that, or other binary splits. When you have the highest consciousness of the mind of Christ, you are able to think in oneness of knowing through power from Spiritual Love. One Father (Author of Love) loving you as a son or daughter, connecting through the power of ONE Son that gives a spirit of wholeness (integrated mind of new and holy settings) creates holiness within. One way thinking is done through our heart and mind aligned to a holy spirit that nurtures us as we need and causes us to desire the best for others out of that love. The new and true self uses the Power of God deposited in us working in harmony and peace. There is no urge to harm others or treat them unjustly. There is inner peace and joy that surpasses understanding by forgiving easily and trusting the Source to supply all needs.

 Little by little, STEPS are taken to seek more of this perfect love as fears are cast off and the old nature falls away. A new call is taken to seek more unconditional love, allowing new thoughts to take over the old negative conditionings (settings). Thinking fogs of old influences on the brain that hijacked peace are gone as new entrances are provided to step into freedom- continually letting the old ways go. Telling the truth and living in honesty with no masking of real self and the reality that the new nurture is forming a new life inside you is being revealed. Immature thinking is replaced with forgiveness and trusting God to take care of injustices. Achievements are succeeding and coming from pure motivations giving witness to glorify how only God could be working from inside out to show this new shine.

 Compassion and love is growing for all humans as you rise above any need to fix or control others or blame, judge and find fault with them. There is a greater desire for social justice and a silence to the noise of violence. There is also a knowing that until all humans transcend the old mindsets, war and ugly treatment of others will continue. Human error is noticed and called out in righteous ways that gives new meaning to speaking the truth in love. It is obvious that the Divine has merged with you, working with you, and is constantly emerging in ways you could never have dreamed or imagined. The journey continues as you stay in your own lane on the path letting go of the old nature and embracing all of the new murture process seizing opportunity after opportunity to allow the power of the present take care of it all. Steadfastness in love and folding in the grace of God is the only order that continues to produce more spiritual fruit and grow more uprightness not with might or fight but with the Power of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence from the Spirit of fullness in the new life of living well from one well of infinite love. 

Murture is not a how to do it book. As a matter of fact, it is the opposite…the inversion conversion. All the old ways need to be overturned (like the tables in the temple-you are the new temple) and things need to be reversed (turned and transposed) and restored to the way God created them, not a human “how-to fix you” kit. Everything you ever tried to do has got to be stopped so you can turn over, turn around and be turned upside down to look at things from God’s perspective. YOU do not have to DO anything first. YOU need to seek find a WHO…who your are and who God is so you TWO can form a bonded relationship that is new to YOU and will be born out of you, raised up with new parenting that is not done like human parenting. The new you will need growth and maturity so you can let go of the old idea of you. The new life you are promised with this process is going to change everything inside you and that will be somewhat painful, but there will be much joy as you awaken out of the trance and fog you have lived under.

 Murture is a dynamic system to awaken your true self to be nurtured into FULL Spiritual Maturity. Murture is a process of letting go of all the human conditionings that blocked, cover, or masked the real you. Humans have many false beliefs handed to them from others that conceal their true identity. Being under the influence of unconditional love from The Highest Spiritual Power of the Universe gives you a new perspective to develop truth and a mindset based on how God sees you vs. how others judge you. Murture awakens you to be aware of the trance that deceptions and spells of others have put over you. Wake UP, Sleeper, and learn the truth of who you are in the eyes of the Author of Love Who made you, knows all about you and is not judging you or condemning you.

 Murture allows your awakening to make you aware of your true image as you are meant to operate. Capsize and take captive the lies you have falsely believed and dig into the WORD of God that tells you your position and will transpose the default settings and transform you entire being. There will be the new life formed inside you that will see things as they really are with the veil lifted and the truth seen that will set you FREE!




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